Tastykake Products Feature New Spider-Man Movie Packaging


In anticipation of Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Flowers Foods, Inc. is releasing new product packaging inspired by the movie.

Available in select retailers, the theatrical-themed packaging is featured on several snacks including Tastykake single-serve Mini Donuts and multipack Mini Muffins, Pecan Swirls and Glazed Honey Buns.

Each product features a character rendered in the film’s art style and includes a trading card.

“With so much excitement and momentum behind the Spider-Verse saga, we were thrilled for the opportunity for Tastykake to collaborate with the upcoming film, Spider-Man:Across the Spider-Verse,” says Ashley Hornsby, Tastykake brand manager“This collaboration was created with a great amount of attention and detail.”

In addition to the packaging, the company is running a live sweepstakes. Starting May 5, winners will be selected to win one grand prize or one of six runner-up prizes.