Unique Snacks Launches Puffzels In Four Varieties


Unique Snacks is expanding its offerings with Puffzels, a gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO puffed snack.

Made from clean ingredients, including corn and whole oats, Puffzels are the first of several innovations being created at Unique Snacks as it looks to provide a wider variety of products, according to the company.

“Living up to the Unique Snacks brand name is a fun challenge, and we wanted to create a new snack unlike anything on the market, states Justin Spannuth, COO and a member of the sixth generation managing Unique Snacks. “Puffed products are experiencing high consumer demand, and Puffzels will help our retail partners expand puffed snacking options for their customers.”

Sticking with the company’s roots, Puffzels feature a traditional pretzel shape and are available in four varieties: aged cheddar, honey mustard, wild buffalo and homestyle — featuring a butter and garlic flavor. The snack packs in 4.8-ounce bags with an SRP of $4.79.

“The Unique Snacks brand and high-quality colorful packaging lead to strong trial purchases and high repeat customers,” Spannuth adds. “The puffed snack market is growing rapidly, and our key retail partners are always excited to introduce our new product offerings because the brand has a strong following that converts into sales. Category managers are always excited to offer customers something new, especially from a brand that performs very well in their stores.”