Verburg Debuts Candy-Coated Gum, Brings Back Counter Displays


MiniMini Chicles candy-coated gum is new from Gerrit J. Verburg Co. and  available in two flavors — fruit and peppermint. The fruit variety is available in 0.79-ounce pouches,  while the mint version is sugarfree and available in 0.58-ounce packets. Each pack carries an SRP of $1 and ships 12 20-ct displays per case. 

The company is also bringing back counter displays that hold an assortment of nostalgic gum brands. Each unit has three 20-ct displays, one each of Black Jack, Beemans and Clove brand gums. The cardboard units have a header that includes photos of the brands and the slogan Vintage Gums. Each pack holds five sticks and carries an SRP of $1.