Vidal Bringing Dino Jellies To U.S. Market

Featuring multiple colors, Dino Jellies are new for the U.S. market from Vidal Candy USA. 

U.S. National Sales Director Mitchell Bernstein and Rebecca Weber, of Vidal’s marketing department, show off the candymaker’s jellies during ISM 2020.

The candymaker found success with a similar product, Creepy Jelly, which had sell-through in excess of 90 percent, Mitchel Bernstein, national sales director, tells Candy & Snack TODAY

Dino Jelly packs, which hold four strawberry-flavored 0.38-ounce pieces, have a SRP range of 99 cents to $1.29.

The company is also launching Mini Soda Pop mix and individually wrapped Soft Fruit jellies for bulk sets. The gummies are shaped to resemble soda bottles and feature an orange, cola, strawberry, lemon, lime and grape assortment. Sugar-sanded jellies feature a flavor assortment of orange, lemon, strawberry, pineapple and apple.