Yowie Debuts Baby Animals Series


Yowie Group Ltd. has unveiled its eighth series: baby animals.

Designed to shed light on young, vulnerable and endangered wildlife, while demonstrating the differences between the baby and adult stages of many different species, the 18-animal series will include a Iberian lynx kitten, long-tailed chinchilla kit, loggerhead sea turtle hatchling, giraffe calf, harp seal pup and more.

Each animal collectible comes with a leaflet containing facts about the animal wrapped inside sustainably-sourced chocolate. According to the company, the chocolate contains no GMOs, palm oil, gluten, nuts or artificial colors and flavors.

“I’m exceptionally happy to launch this fan-requested series.” says Cynthia Thayer, CMO of educational chocolate brand, Yowie. “We asked our fans in the U.S. and Australia what types of endangered animals they most wanted to collect and learn about and their answer was loud and clear, so this newest series features endangered baby animals from all over the globe. And the cuteness factor is off the charts!”

The series is available to order in 12-ct counter display units with six units per case