Yowie Debuts Multipacks Of Surprise Chocolate Eggs

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 Yowie Group Ltd. is introducing multipacks for its surprise-inside chocolate egg line, according to the candymaker, which also revealed its third series of collectible figurines called Colors of the Animal Kingdom.

The new packs hold two chocolate eggs and one extra endangered species collectible from earlier series, according to the company. Animals featured in the new figurine series include Atlantic puffins, green vine snakes and red-spotted newts.

“We are thrilled to be providing even more of what both children and their parents love about Yowie at a value price,” says Mark Schuessler, CEO of Yowie Group. “In conjunction with this, our loyal Yowie fanbase and collectors across the country will now have a unique chance to complete their collections of original Yowie series.”

Yowie multipacks have a SRP of $4.48 and ship in five-ct cases.