“I Love Reese’s” Month Declared With Social Media Campaign 


London — May has been declared “I Love Reese’s” month worldwide with May 18 as a special day solely dedicated to the brand in the UK. The Hershey Co. is asking consumers to post the most creative ways they eat their Reese’s Cups on social media using #AnythingButOrdinary and #ILoveReesesDay.

“Our fans know that while there’s definitely no wrong way to enjoy the undeniable magic of Reese’s Cups, there’s arguably the ‘rightest’ way,” says Ahmad Nasser, marketing director Hershey AEMEA. “From the ‘sammich’ method (eating from the outer edges in) to the ‘peeler’ to the ‘pro,’ we get that the way you enjoy an iconic Reese’s Cup is personal.”