Save A Lot Launches Summer Campaign Promoting Its Private Label Brands


St. Louis — Grocery chain Save A Lot, Ltd. is launching a summer private label campaign calling out eight summer barbecue staples that can save shoppers up to 45 percent when they switch to store-owned brands.

“We know everyone’s wallets are being squeezed by skyrocketing gas prices, bigger bills at restaurants and ‘shrinkflation’ from national food brands,” says Tim Schroder, chief sales and marketing officer at Save A Lot. “At Save A Lot, we want people to feel like there’s still room to enjoy summer. We’re inviting shoppers to try our private label products for their next barbecue. We think they’ll find they’re just as good (or better) than their national brand equivalents, but they’ll spend a lot less. We’re all about giving people a lot more bang for their buck—like, a lot a lot.”

Save A Lot has around private label items 1,850 items across 55 brands that will be showcased in ad spots launching June 26, that pit Save A Lot brands — such as J. Higg’s, Sunny’s and Grissom’s — against their national counterparts. The company says private label brands account for nearly 70 percent of its total sales. 

As part of the campaign, the retailers is offering consumers the chance to enter a “Spree For All” shopping spree for everything they can fit in their cart in five minutes. The contest runs from June 22 through July 10, 2022.