Winter Holiday Candy Sales Climb 20% From 2020 Levels


Washington — Americans are enthusiastic about the winter holiday season and the role chocolate and candy play in their traditions and celebrations, according to NCA. The Association revealed Information Resources, Inc. (IRI) sales data indicating that total seasonal confectionery sales, defined as products with holiday packaging, are up by 20 percent over last year for the five weeks ending December 5. In addition, winter holiday chocolate sales up more than 16 percent and winter holiday non-chocolate sales seeing an increase of more than 34 percent for the same five-week period.

 “We’ve been waiting a long time to be able to safely celebrate the winter holidays with family and friends — and chocolate and candy will make the season even sweeter,” says Carly Schildhaus, senior manager of public affairs at NCA. “Total holiday candy offerings are up by more than 9 percent on average, showing that retailers are reinvesting in iconic holiday retail sets as seasonal treats remain an important part of traditions and celebrations.”

NCA also points out that iconic holiday in-store sets are hot for the 2021 season, with retailers reinvesting in chocolate and candy in seasonal packaging. Total holiday candy offerings are up more than 9 percent on average, according to IRI data. This increase in in-store products is driven by the non-chocolate sector, which is up nearly 23 percent, while holiday chocolate products are up more than 3 percent, for the five weeks ending December 5.