Six Themes Reshaping CPG Industries Post-COVID-19

Chicago — Euromonitor International Ltd. is expecting consumers to shift habits around sustainability, and where and how they shop in the post-COVID-19 world. The research company expects the following six themes to have big impacts CPG industries.

1.Purpose Supplants Sustainability: Ethical sourcing and eco-conscious initiatives will take a back seat to holistic approaches that offer social, environmental and economic benefits.

  1. The Rise Of “Hometainment,” Virtual Experiences: As out-of-home activities are rethought for online consumption, the need to provide as much value as in virtual experiences as their real-world counterparts will become vital.
  2. Accelerated Online Buying: Digital retail disruption will accelerate as shoppers are shifting rapidly to ecommerce, click-and-collect options and direct-to-consumer channels.
  3. New Lens For Wellness: As consumers become more focused on achieving optimal health, happiness becomes a tangible commercial prospect.
  4. Establishing The “New” Core: Manufacturers will need to recognize and align with changing fundamental consumer needs, with a keen eye on efficiency and value during R&D phases.
  5. The New Normal: Remote living, ecommerce, decreased discretionary spending and self-care will have an outsized impact on consumer behavior.