Small Business Innovator Recognition Added To Expo Product Awards

Sweets and Snacks showroom floor

Washington — At this year’s Sweets & Snacks Expo, NCA is adding a Small Business Innovator category to its Most Innovative New Product Awards program, the Association reports.

The recognition was added after retailer and attendee feedback showed a need to distinguish smaller candymakers. Design for company’s with net sales of $500,000 or under, the award provides a chance for businesses just starting in the industry to shine and gain recognition along with well-established brands, according to NCA.

In addition to the small business honor, the Association is making other improvements on how submissions, nominees and winners in the Most Innovative New Product Awards will be recognized. This includes moving the product awards showcase, which has been revamped into a tech eye-catching, tech-savvy display, next to the centrally located New Product Showcase just outside the show floor entrance.

In addition, the awards ceremony will now kick off the show’s opening with a mimosa toast celebrating the nine winners. Further, all 45 nominees in the program will be featured on the Expo app, allowing users to “take a walking tour of the industry’s hottest, trendiest and newest items,” according to NCA. Following the show, all of the more than 300 products submitted in the awards program will be available for viewing on the app.

Tyler Merrick, founder of Project 7, says: “Innovation continues to be at the heart of what Project 7 seeks when developing new products. Having been fortunate enough to be nominated and win a Most Innovative New Product Award has helped with the success of our products tremendously. We were able to utilize the recognition the award brings with top retailers from across the country, including Target and Starbucks.”

Submissions are now being accepted for the Most Innovative New Product Awards on the Sweets & Snacks Expo website.