Smarties-Sponsored Video Supporting Black History Month Reaches +1M

Blair Imani

Union, NJ — Smarties Candy Co. partnered with educator Blair Imani this month, sponsoring her “Smarter In Seconds” video about Black History Month. The company reports the 30-second video explaining the origins of Black History Month received more than one million views in less than 24 hours. Imani is a prolific online educator with hundreds of thousands of followers, whom she refers to as ‘smarties.’

A statement released by Smarties leadership notes the timely topic combined with Imani’s clear upbeat narration struck a positive chord with viewers, leading to its popularity.

“The focus on Black History during our nation’s growing attention to the important movement for racial equality was the right topic at the right time. Even so, we were happily surprised by the response,” says Co-President Liz Dee. “Our founder chose the name ‘Smarties’ to encourage people to pursue education, and we couldn’t have dreamed of a better partnership than with historian Blair Imani as she educated us ‘smarties’ about Black History Month.”

Imani adds: “Smarties Candy Company is living its values by not only making Black History Month a little sweeter but also supporting my work as a Black historian. In less than 24 hours the sponsored video lesson received over a million views! I’ve been calling my followers ‘smarties’ ever since my rise to viral stardom, and when I unearthed a childhood photo of myself holding a bag of Smarties it further confirmed this collaboration was the perfect one.”

The company adds that its founder, Edward Dee, chose the name Smarties to encourage people to be life-long learners and this sponsorship reflects that mission.