Spangler Celebrates 100 Years Of Dum-Dums With Social Media Campaign


Bryan, OH — Spangler Candy Co. is celebrating a century of its iconic Dum-Dums brand with a social media campaign centered around consumers’ favorite flavors of the 100-year-old lollipops.

“Dum-Dums have been a part of so many happy memories over the last 100 years,” says Kirk Vashaw, CEO of Spangler Candy, the maker of Dum-Dums. “As we recognize this incredible milestone, we wanted to create a celebration where people can share what they love most about Dum-Dums — the flavors.”

Debuting this summer on TikTok is a custom Flaunt Your Flavorite filter, which will transform users’ heads into their favorite Dum-Dums. The company says the filter gives the brand the opportunity to engage a new generation while maintaining its sense of joy that’s stood the test of time. Dum-Dums also has special birthday plans for its mascot, the Drum Man, who will perform drum solos on TikTok.

The brand’s website,, has also been revamped to make flavor voting a centerpiece. Visitors can vote for their “flavorites” and track results on a live leaderboard.

“When Dum-Dums was introduced in 1924, broadcast radio was just becoming popular and now we have the ability to transform ourselves into a Dum-Dum and instantly share that experience with the world,” says Evan Brock, vice-president of marketing. “Very few brands stay relevant for 100 years. Dum-Dums, with its many flavors, is one of the most recognizable candy brands by people of all ages.”

The company points out that during the past 100 years, Dum-Dums’ commitment to flavor has remained steadfast, noting the introduction of Root Beer and Cream Soda in 1967 and Blu Raspberry in 1995. In total, there have been more than 100 flavors of Dum-Dums in the brand’s history.

In addition to flavors, the brand witnessed hallmark moments like the introduction of the Drum Man mascot in 1966 and the “Talking Heads” TV campaign of the early 1990s.