Mars Wrigley Reveals Team Of Front-End Experts


Chicago — Mars Wrigley has unveiled The Transaction Zone Team, a newly established internal consultancy of front-end experts dedicated to identifying and implementing market solutions that help category managers, store operations, and shoppers grow the transaction zone.

“At Mars Wrigley, we’re always listening to our consumers and working with our retail partners to re-shape the future of the industry by creating better moments in-store and on-shelf,” says Tim LeBel, president of sales at the company. “Beyond being at the forefront of the snacks and treats category, we are thought leaders in understanding retail challenges and identifying pivotal solutions to make the shopping experience more efficient and engaging, maximizing shopper loyalty and retailer profits.”

The company reports that self-checkout has been around for more than two decades, but only about half of transactions go through it. 

“At Mars Wrigley, we’re committed to category leadership and are laser focused on industry growth,” notes Mike Weinstock, vice-president of category leadership. “That’s why we’re doubling down efforts to identify solutions that solve for front-end challenges, including the industry-wide self-checkout gap. Our new Transaction Zone Team has already established itself as a go-to resource for retail partners looking to reinvent the transaction zone.”

Since the consultancy was initially formed in September 2021, it has built proprietary tools that unlock insights around transaction zone performance at retail, developed a new conversion model that identifies solutions for key transaction zone audiences, and extended the company’s reach by engaging not just with large retail, but with all retail formats. Together, these actions have informed Mars Wrigley and its retail partners about the most impactful ways to optimize checkouts now, reimagine the self-checkout terminal and queue area next, and grow frictionless checkout in the future.

Mars Wrigley says it is also helping retail partners reach shoppers through Voice AI advancement studies and has motivated consumer purchases with innovative, on-trend product offerings that satisfy shoppers’ values and evolved tastes.

An important omnichannel tool, Voice AI is increasingly becoming embedded in all areas of consumers lives, the company says. The technology is shifting consumer behavior, evolving how brands show up, and making shopping easier. 

Informed by one-of-a-kind research, Mars Wrigley recently piloted a series of Voice driven programs around Halloween that increased brand engagement via a spooky Voice alarm and social media, facilitated hands-free shopping with a Voice activated shopping list, and reached new-to-brand buyers via Voice activated ads.