Takis Offers Recycling Program Through TerraCycle


Trenton, NJ — Barcel USA has partnered with international recycling company TerraCycle to offer consumers a free and simple way to recycle its Takis brand’s plastic packaging. By participating in the Takis Snack Recycling Program, consumers can earn TerraCycle points that they can choose to redeem for donations to a nonprofit organization or school of their choice.

“We are thrilled to partner with TerraCycle to offer our consumers an easy and rewarding way to recycle the Takis snack packaging varieties,” says Sandra Peregrina, marketing director of salty snacks for Barcel USA. “Protecting our planet is so important to our brand and to our consumers, so we’re honored to offer this simple recycling solution for all of our intense Takis fans.”

Consumers can make an account on TerraCycle.com, sign-up on the Takis Snacks Recycling Program page and mail in empty plastic packaging using provided prepaid shipping labels. Once collected, the packaging is cleaned and melted into hard plastic that can be remolded to make new recycled products. 

This program is not Barcel’s first sustainability initiative. According to the company, it has also implemented new technologies throughout its manufacturing process including a heat exchanger that repurposes heat to reduce overall energy expenditures and cleaning techniques to reduce water consumption. 

“The Takis brand is giving their consumers the unique opportunity to responsibly recycle their snack packaging,” says TerraCycle CEO and Founder Tom Szaky. “Participants in this recycling program can enjoy their favorite snack while minimizing their carbon footprint.”