Tanis Sets World Record For Largest Gummy Bear Casting


Oosterhout — The Guinness Book of Records has confirmed that Tanis Confectionery B.V.  has set the world record for the largest gummy bear casting.

After being unloaded, laid and weighed, the bear sits at over 1,728 kilos and measure 2.5 x 2 x 1 meters.

After pouring the candy, it had to harden properly to avoid collapsing, which proved to take longer than expected.  The initial attempt was unsuccessful due to the bear not hardening appropriately. Wouter Tanis, the marketing director of the candy production company, explains that “the attempt would only be successful if the bear was hard, edible and would stay on the plate for five minutes.”

The orange-flavored gummy bear was successfully extracted from the mold during a second attempt. It required nine days for the bear to solidify.

The Guinness Book of Records confirmed that it is the largest gummy bear in the world, breaking the previous record held by a 1,200-kilogram gummy bear produced in Iran.

Interpack 2023 visitors were able to view the bear at the company’s booth.