The Power of Providing Consumers With Transparency

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By: Seema Kedia, Barry Callebaut

Today’s consumers are seeking more transparency from packaged foods in order to make informed purchasing decisions. From how ingredients are grown and harvested, to the manufacturing process, there is strong desire for visibility into supply chain.

In a recent study, 67% of respondents said they wish food companies were more transparent about how they manufacture their products (Mintel, 2017). This desire for transparency applies to chocolate-heavy categories of candy and snacks, as well.

Chocolate specifically might seem like a challenging ingredient to provide transparency on due to the long and winding road from cocoa bean to finished good. However, providing insight into that journey may offer significant brand benefit. Sharing information with consumers on how your candy or snack product is made can translate into stronger brand trust, and brand trust remains a key deciding factor for purchase intent.

For those brand owners in need of a quick reference guide on the chocolate value chain, Barry Callebaut has recently released the Field Guide to Cocoa & Chocolate. This free resource covers the growing and harvesting of cocoa as well as the chocolate manufacturing process. You can download the Field Guide here.