Trend Watch: Better-For-You Cookies


When it comes to snacking, consumers are all-in, but the demand for better-for-you options continues to grow.

Washington — Cookies feed directly into consumers’ desire for indulgence; however, more and more cookie makers are hoping to reach wider audiences with those looking for better-for-you options. From zero-sugar wafers to treats made with upcycled ingredients, Candy & Snack TODAY explores some of the newest cookie options chasing this trend available on store shelves. 

Renewal Mill x Miyoko’s Vegan Salted Peanut Butter Cookie

Upcycled food company Renewal Mill makes Vegan Salted Peanut Butter Cookies through a partnership with Miyoko’s Creamery. The climate-friendly and vegan cookies are made with byproducts from food manufacturing that are upcycled into superfood ingredients. The company says it strives to create a new circular economy of food production. Using the pulp of plant-based milk production, Renewal Mill produces ingredients that are rich in macronutrients such as fiber and protein.

The cookies feature Miyoko’s Creamery’s upcycled vegan butter, which is lactose-, palm oil- and gluten-free, as well as non-GMO, kosher and certified USDA organic. 

Voortman Zero Sugar Mini Wafers

Expanding its zero-sugar portfolio, Hostess Brands, Inc. is introducing mini wafers under its Voortman brand. This launch comes on the heels of a recent survey commissioned by the company showing that consumers view spring as the perfect time to renew their eating habits with better-for-you foods.

The report revealed that 84 percent of survey respondents plan health-related refreshes in the spring, such as getting outside more and improving their fitness routine, with 60 percent sharing that eating better was their top priority for a seasonal refresh. Of those surveyed, 80 percent agreed that 2023 will be the year they cut back on sugar in their diet, with 55 percent naming reducing sugar as the biggest change they want to make in their snacking habits.

Available in two flavors, vanilla and chocolate, the wafers are baked with real vanilla or cocoa and contain no artificial flavors or colors, according to the company.

FYXX Health Chocolate Chip Vitamin Cookies 

Chocolate chip vitamin cookies join a line of better-for-you snacking options from Farma Genetix, Inc.’s health food brand, FYXX Health. Containing vitamins D and B12, as well as zinc, magnesium and calcium, the company says the cookies are high in fiber, low in sugar and carbs, and are gluten-free.

Other products the company offers include calcium cookies to help bones, heart healthy cookies, immune boosting drink products, energy enhancing coffee powders and candies made from carrots. Citing a direct correlation between food and health, FYXX says its mission is to make it fun and easy for consumers to eat healthier snacks. 

Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookies

Containing 16 grams of protein, the Complete Cookie from Lenny & Larry’s, LLC is described as a healthier snack option. According to the company, each cookie contains 10 grams of fiber, and the snack contains no dairy, egg, soy or artificial ingredients. Flavors include chocolate donut, lemon poppyseed, salted caramel, birthday cake and snickerdoodle. 

Developed to address the founders’ boredom with standard protein sources, the self-proclaimed “gym rats,” made it their mission to find unique and innovative ways for consumers to get protein. Today, the Complete Cookie is available in more than 30 countries worldwide. Also available from the company are protein-filled sandwich cookies and wafer bars. 

Mondelēz International, Inc. Hu Grain Free Cookies

From Mondelēz International, Inc.’s Hu Holdings comes Hu brand Grain Free Cookies. The bite-sized crispy cookies contain no added sugar or sugar alcohols, according to the company. Naturally sweetened with dates, flavors include chocolate chip, ginger snap, snickerdoodle and peanut butter. 

The product is made using certified humane, free-range eggs as well as naturally occurring and less refined ingredients, including whole cassava flour in place of refined starch. The cookies have no added sugar, no sugar alcohols and no stevia.

The slogan “Get Back To Human” is written on the packs, representing the company’s human-centric philosophy. According to founders Jordan Brown and Jason and Jessica Karp, who were inspired by extensive health and wellness readings and a successful battle with auto-immune disease, all of Hu’s products are made with simple ingredients. 

Summit Naturals, Inc. Highkey Sandwich Cookies

Summit Naturals, Inc.’s HighKey brand sugarfree sandwich cookies are a combination of a light and creamy filling between two crunchy, chocolaty cookies. The company says they are a no-sugar option with rich cocoa flavors and vanilla-flavored cream. Hitting the better-for-you mark, the product is gluten-free, soy-free and keto-friendly, made with clean ingredients and no artificial colors or flavors. Each two-cookie serving has 0 grams of sugar, 2 grams of net carbs, 7 grams of fiber and 60 calories.

The company says its goal is to remove 10 million pounds of sugar from the American diet. Company research found that its Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies and Dark Chocolate Almond Caramel Clusters had minimal effect on post-consumption blood sugar levels.

“We thought about everything consumers want in this type of cookie from the perfect crunch to dunkability to the sweet, creamy filling, so we could truly deliver something that tastes as good as the original.”