Trick-Or Treaters Will Be Getting Chocolate, Candy At 98% Of Their Stops This Year


Washington — Results of a new survey from NCA reveal that 98 percent of Americans who welcome trick-or-treaters this year will be handing out chocolate and candy and 93 percent report they will share chocolate and candy with friends and family to celebrate the Halloween season this fall. The association notes that chocolate and candy play an important role in special occasions, seasonal celebrations and the American economy — and the Halloween season drives driving nearly $6 billion in confectionery retail sales each year.

“The Halloween season is a cherished tradition that is enhanced by the central role that chocolate and candy play in making it fun, exciting and special for consumers all across the country,” says John Downs, NCA president & CEO. “The excitement around the Halloween season has increased in recent years, resulting in consumers starting their celebrations sooner than in years past — with seasonal chocolate and candy, décor, costumes and supplies hitting store shelves beginning earlier and earlier. Our member companies are collaborating in big ways with our retail partners and sharing in the enthusiasm by ensuring that the classic and innovative treats consumers know and love are available as this major cultural moment of Halloween gets underway.” 

The survey also found:

  • 70 percent of consumers celebrating Halloween say the best way to enjoy treats is with friends and family.
  • 62 percent of Americans are looking for treats with a creepy or scary theme.
  • 60 percent of parents say they steal Halloween treats from their kids’ stash.
  • A time-honored tradition of the Halloween season is trading candy with family and friends. Opinions abound on the ultimate deal, but most Americans agree they’d trade away gummi candy in exchange for chocolate.

When it comes to choosing favorites, respondents report that chocolate is their top pick, followed by gummi candy and the season’s most iconic treat — candy corn. Check out what people say about the right way to eat candy corn here.

NCA has a dedicated resource hub with tricks for treating throughout the Halloween season, fun facts and more at

NCA’s Seasonal Survey was conducted in July 2023 by 210 Analytics, LLC using a self-administered, online questionnaire. The sample of 1,500 individuals mirrors the U.S. population in terms of key demographics, including age, income, ethnicity and region, with an oversample of 500 parents.