Two Innovations Added To TNA Packaging Portfolio


Sydney, Australia — Global food processing and packaging solutions specialist, TNA Solutions, has added the brand new TNA auto-splice 3 to its packaging portfolio – making the ‘Perfect Pair’ alongside the TNA robag 3e, which was launched in 2021.

The innovation helps food producers address the growing concerns over labour shortages and rising resource costs by enhancing production efficiencies. The two advanced systems together deliver a new CXE integrated display controller and automatic film splicing, which combined can deliver up to a 5 percent increase in production up time.

“The ‘Perfect Pair”’’ speaks to the challenges our customers face, and represents an evolution of our portfolio that will deliver real-time benefits. Leveraging both our expertise and technological advances, this combined solution has been designed for this age of digital transformation and remote services,” Alf Taylor, managing director and CEO at tna, says. “Connectivity is king, and intelligent communication between packaging systems and their auxiliary equipment will allow operators to make their lines work even more efficiently, improving their ROI.”

The simplicity of the tna robag 3e vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) packaging system makes it easy to operate, service and maintain. Featuring EtherCAT real-time protocol and an integrated display controller system, this latest tna robag reduces cabling infrastructure by 20 percent, enabling easier servicing and lower total installed costs. The tna robag 3e also shares common core components with tna roflo distribution conveyors and the tna intelli-flav seasoning system, reducing the need for additional spare parts stocking, while its smart diagnostics and remote connectivity allow real-time communication for faster global servicing support.

The tna robag 3e features integrated control and a refined design for easy control and maintenance on-the-go. It incorporates unparalleled diagnostics for electrical components, streamlines the cable architecture and is assembled with fewer parts than its
predecessors — all while maintaining the small footprint, speed and efficiency that cemented the tna robag as an industry leading solution.

The tna robag 3e sets high performance and quality standards, capable of producing a wide variety of products at speeds of up to 250 bags per minute. As well as providing the opportunity to switch quickly and easily between pack sizes, it delivers maximum production and energy savings for the same power and resources.

Designed for seamless cohesion with the tna robag 3e, the tna auto-splice 3 is a compact solution that splices packaging film automatically, with no downtime or interruption to the packaging process. The new rotary reel swapping feature makes it easier to access and replace the film roll without having to stop the packaging system, helping manufacturers maximise throughput and achieve faster, smoother film changeovers.