U.S. C-Store Average Basket Up 3.7% In 2023


Alexandria, VA — Convenience stores saw record sales in stores in 2023, according to data from the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS). Total convenience industry sales in 2023 were $859.8 billion, of which $327.6 billion were from in-store sales. The size of the average basket increased 3.7 percent to $7.80.

Overall, total industry foodservice sales, which includes prepared food; commissary; and hot, cold and frozen dispensed beverages, represented 26.9 percent of in-store sales, up 1.3 percentage points in 2023 from the year prior. 

Convenience stores, which sell an estimated 80 percent of the fuel purchased in the country, saw total fuels sales decrease in 2023 to $532.2 billion, largely a result of lower gas prices, which decreased 11.2 percent for the year. Fuels sales accounted for 67.3 percent of revenues, but only 38.6 percent of profits for the convenience store industry in 2023.

Factoring in both transactions at the pump and inside the store, the average convenience store had 45,312 transactions per month in 2023, or 1,491 per day, which is a 0.4 percent decrease from the year prior.