WDS Features New Technologies At 2024 ProSweets Event


Cologne, Germany — Winkler und Dünnebier Süßwarenmaschinen (WDS) presented classic depositing technologies and hygienic innovations for sensitive applications during ProSweets 2024.

“Our discussions with customers and visitors showed that the enthusiasm for high-precision, hygienic depositing technology remains a particularly unique selling point,” says Technical Manager Carsten Butz. “This was a chance for us to provide information to numerous national and international customers about our solutions and to help solidify and even conclude concrete business deals.”

The equipment on display ranged from lab to large-scale plants including depositor systems for pourable and tearable masses, highlighting the EasyClean design, which makes it easy to change parts that come into contact with the mass or even replace entire depositor systems.

The sweetOTC division exhibited an hygienic depositor system made of 100% stainless steel. The company also demonstrated the challenges of digitalization, where the company is focusing on multi-vendor networking in the confectionery industry. At ProSweets, WDS presented ready-made digitalization solutions that have already been tried and tested by the industry and gave a live demonstration of the growth of the platform.

The company’s recently introduced webshop can help customers track stock levels live and have an easy, convenient way to order spare parts. When connected to SweetConnect, orders can be placed for products from all participating companies in a single shop, eliminating the need for isolated solutions.

“From my direct talks with numerous customers, I find it highly motivating to gain an appreciation of the added value they get out of our services and digitalisation solutions in practice. Their interest in these is evident everywhere,” explains Head of Service Matthias Triesch.