Zweet Candy Now In Seasonal, Year Round Shippers


Galil Foods popular Zweet Candy line has debuted a set of Seasonal and Year round shippers. The unique line of over 60 flavors and shapes of Licorice and Gummies are perfect for stores looking to expand their seasonal offerings in the candy space.

In addition to their Top 4 Gummy and Licorice Shippers, Zweet now offers themed shippers for Valentines Day, Independence Day, Summer and Halloween.

The shippers contain themed candy like Sour Lips and Hearts, Creepy Gummy Spiders and Vampire Teeth. The Americana shippers hold Cherry Pie-flavored Sour Belt Bites that look just like American Flags!

Shippers hold 48 units each, in re-usable 10 oz plastic containers and included tongs. All Zweet items made are with Non-GMO ingredients, and are Kosher and Halal.

Reach Galil Foods at [email protected] or 516-496-7400