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Study: FARE’s Food Allergy Consumer Journey

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Food allergies are life-threatening conditions for 32 million Americans, and recent research from FARE has identified a total of 85 million Americans who spend $19 billion annually on packaged foods because of their food allergies, intolerances or sensitivities or because someone in their household is affected by these conditions.

Join NCA and FARE for a brief webinar revealing FARE’s latest findings from its new Food Allergy Consumer Journey study, which uses three new sets of research to map the Food Allergy Consumer Journey, the community’s purchasing power and consumer expectations for improving allergen labeling.

To present FARE’s latest research, NCA will be joined by:

  • Lisa Gable, Chief Executive Officer, FARE
  • Jason Linde, Vice President of Federal Government Relations, FARE
  • Anita Roach, Vice President of Voice of the Patient and Education, FARE