Webinar On-Demand

Reimagining the Retailer Partnership for Enhancing the Shopper’s In-Store Experience

This event is available for NCA member companies and qualified retailers.


Amy Perifanos
Vice President, Design & Creative Communication,
Gongos, Inc.
A research professional on both the client and agency side for over a decade, Amy leads Gongos’ creative communication practice. Her group of curators, information designers and editors works with marketing, brand, insights, and executive teams to strike a balance between strategic thinking and creative execution—ultimately making knowledge consumable, immersive, and memorable. With an initial focus in the shopper insights space, Amy’s big-picture thinking has catalyzed enduring client relationships with some of the world’s top brands.
Sarah Tarraf
Director of Customer Experience
Gongos Inc
Sarah Tarraf has worked in research and analytics for over a decade, in both a market research and academic capacity. Since joining Gongos in 2010, Sarah has led the Analytics & Marketing Sciences group, while acting as Statistical Analyst and Statistical Consultant to clients. She currently leads the company’s Customer Experience practice, devising functional strategies that link to the entire ecosystem of customer insights. Sarah is particularly interested in leveraging methodologies and the intersection of technology and analytics to harmonize the ‘what’ that is happening on the ground with the ‘why’ that is impacting experience.