Halloween 2020 Action Kit

In a year unlike one that any of us can remember, there is good news when it comes to Halloween: people across America have said they will find creative, fun and safe ways to celebrate the season! As an industry, it’s our job to provide the guidance and resources our communities are looking for when it comes to Halloween. We can be a part of the solution for families this year by providing creative ideas to celebrate the holiday safely and creating a fun atmosphere for families to embrace new, alternative celebrations. The tools and resources below are yours to share with your professional network and your community. This Halloween won’t be business as usual, but if we come together as an industry, we can carry on our important Halloween traditions and provide a bit of spooky fun for families across the country.    

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Halloween 2020 News & Information

98% of Americans Will Welcome Trick-or-Treaters With Chocolate and Candy

Don’t be spooked by the most important question on everyone’s mind at this time of year: trick or treat? The answer is resoundingly in favor of treats, with 93% of Americans saying they’ll share chocolate and candy with friends and family to celebrate the Halloween season this fall. Chocolate and candy play an important role in special occasions, seasonal celebrations and the American economy – and the Halloween season is an integral component of that, driving about $6 billion in confectionery retail sales each year.

There’s No Wrong Way To Enjoy Candy Corn

It might be a bit divisive – you either love it or you don’t – but there’s no more iconic treat to enjoy during the Halloween season than candy corn. And there is no greater debate in American households this time of year than deciding the “right” way to eat candy corn.

Fortunately, the National Confectioners Association recently released the definitive deep dive on how people enjoy this classic treat.

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