• #HalloweenIsHappening

    “Halloween Is Happening” Campaign Launched To Encourage Safe & Creative Halloween 2020 Celebrations

    NCA officially launched the “Halloween Is Happening” campaign, which was designed to promote safe and fun ways to celebrate the Halloween season. The months-long campaign drove the national conversation among consumers, media and policymakers as they debated creative ways to celebrate the season. The campaign culminated with millions of consumers embracing safety guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and state health departments nationwide that endorsed safe and creative approaches to celebrating the Halloween season.

  • Halloween Central Site Scroll Through

    Expanded Halloween Central Launched With Treating Tips, Expert Guidance And Safety Resources

    To help inspire consumers to think creatively about Halloween 2020, NCA overhauled Halloween Central with an expanded slate of resources, including tips for treating, COVID-19 safety resources and ideas for how to celebrate the Halloween season throughout the month of October.

  • NCA Collaboration With The New York Times Reached Millions Of Young Parents

    NCA collaborated with The New York Times to extend the industry’s impact on the national conversation around Halloween 2020, especially with millennial moms and young parents. NCA’s video content and Halloween Action Kits helped millions of consumers, manufacturers, retailers and nutrition professionals prepare for the unusual Halloween season.

  • Halloween Central Social Media Posts

    Halloween 2020 Campaign Drove 5.7 Billion Media Impressions

    The #HalloweenIsHappening campaign was an immense success, driving billions of media impressions and more than 75,000 visitors to the Halloween Central resource hub. Additionally, the campaign’s Halloween video earned more than 620,000 views and garnered more than 10.4 million impressions across NCA’s social channels, and Halloween-based media outreach drove thousands of broadcast media segments. Read the full report on the campaign.