Golden Candy Dish Award Nomination

The Golden Candy Dish Award is presented to a broker industry member who has performed above and beyond the call of business to promote and grow the confectionery industry. The individual will be selected based on the candidate’s leadership skills; their ability to build relationships and cultivate new business opportunities with confectionery manufacturers; and their versatility and perseverance through the currently challenging business environment. View past recipients.

DEADLINE: January 09 2023 at 11:59 PM EST (Midnight)

Prior year recipients cannot win again. Recent year award winners are:
2023 — Kevin Jenkins, Kahler-Senders Group
2022 — Kathy Corcoran, Premier Specialty
2021 — Doug Boes, Shankman & Associates
2019 — Kevin Keefe, Shankman & Associates
2018 — Audra Vogler, Hoffmann Vogler
2017 — Rayelynn Speer, Atkinson-Crawford
2016 — Brad Carlin, Carlin Group
2015 — Mike Perfetti, Perfetti Access Strategies
2014 — Andrew Young, Harold W. Young
2013 — Walt Freed, Kahler-Senders Group