NCA’s WLG Woman of Influence Award

NCA’s Woman of Influence Award is presented by NCA’s Women’s Leadership Group (WLG). The award honors a woman who has demonstrated superior leadership and industry mentorship and has a proven record of growth, success and influence in the confectionery industry. Candidates should not only serve as an inspiration to other women in the category but also create avenues for advancement for women throughout the industry.   

Nominations in this category should encompass women across all disciplines of the confectionery business with demonstrated accomplishments and influence in the confectionery industry. 

Eligibility Requirements: 

  • Nominee must be a current employee of an NCA member company or qualified retail customer. 
  • Strong preference that the nominee attend the State of the Industry Conference, March 10-12, 2024 in Miami, FL to receive the award.  
  • Nominee must have the support of their employer if selected. 

Nominees embody the following qualities: 

    • Hold leadership roles within the industry.
    • Acts as a mentor or advisor to other women in the industry.
    • Is a team player that can help lift up a team from within or as the leader.
    • Exhibits qualities of integrity, dedication and resilience.
    • Exemplify a positive influence on the confectionery industry via a proven track record of growth, creativity and innovation.
    • Inspire and have an impact on others.
    • Has proven to be an advocate for women.

Previous Recipients:

  • 2024
    Sylvia Buxton
  • 2023
    Audra Vogler
  • 2022
    Emily Edmondson
  • 2021
    Libby Taylor