Market Access Program (MAP)

Designed to provide assistance in promoting confectionery products on the international market, Market Access Program funds are available through the U.S. Department of Agriculture and are managed by the National Confectioners Association. Commonly known as MAP, the program helps small family-owned companies grow their international business so they can support more jobs domestically. MAP matches up to 50 percent of qualifying marketing and promotional expenses including advertising, sample shipments, public relations, seminars, certain publication expenditures and many trade show-related expenses. It is easy to qualify. There are few restrictions on participation. They are:

  • Company meets the definition of “small” as defined by the Small Business Administration (
  • Products must contain 50 percent U.S.-grown raw materials
  • Product must meet federal standards for chocolate and confectionery

How do I receive my share of the allocation? Simply complete the application and marketing strategy attached. If you have any questions, Amy Austin will be happy to help with your application.

When do I have to complete the application? Act now before all of the allocations are distributed. Participation has grown considerably in the past several years. Funding is tight, as it has not kept the same pace as the increase in the number of applicants. We encourage you to be realistic in your request for funding. Application evaluations will rely heavily upon the quality of the application and marketing plan with respect to your company’s commitment to exporting.

Market Access Program Handbook

Reimbursement Claims

* NCA is a cooperator within the United States Department of Agriculture’s Market Access Program on behalf of the confectionery industry. This program helps U.S. producers, exporters, private companies and other trade organizations finance promotional activities for U.S. agricultural products. MAP encourages the development, maintenance and expansion of commercial export markets for agricultural commodities. Activities financed include consumer promotions, market research, technical assistance and trade servicing. To learn more about how government reimbursement can help your company grow export sales, contact Karen Horan.