Chocolate and Candy Are Always A Treat

In 2017, Mars Wrigley, Ferrero, Ferrara Candy Company, Lindt, Ghirardelli Chocolate, and Russell Stover Chocolates joined forces in a landmark agreement to help consumers manage their sugar intake. In a commitment to Partnership for a Healthier America, these companies set an ambitious goal to provide more transparency, create more portion guidance options in innovative packaging, and educate consumers about how unique products like chocolate and candy can play a role in a happy, balanced lifestyle.

This Blogger Gets It Right When It Comes to Treating

At NCA, we have many conversations with our member companies, consumers, politicians and other stakeholders about what it means to treat as part of a happy, balanced lifestyle and how confectionery’s impact on emotional well-being is connected to physical well-being.

Making Room for Creativity This Winter Holiday Season

This year, the COVID-19 pandemic will change how we celebrate the winter holidays, with many Americans opting to hold smaller celebrations or participate in safer, socially-distanced winter holiday traditions to celebrate the season.

However, that doesn’t mean that winter holiday celebrations are off the table.

We’re Taking the Guesswork Out of Halloween 2020

It’s October, which means we’re in the middle of the confectionery industry’s Super Bowl: the Halloween season. As we’ve gotten closer to the big day, we’ve unveiled resources on Halloween Central to prepare consumers, our member companies, retail partners and community stakeholders to celebrate the Halloween season in safe and creative ways.

Halloween Is Happening

At NCA, we’ve been connecting with consumers across the country to better understand how people, especially parents, are approaching the Halloween season this year. As health officials in every state consider safety guidance this fall, we want to share what we’ve learned.

First of all, allow me to take moment to assure you: Halloween is NOT canceled.

A Sneak Peek at Our Upcoming Virtual Town Hall

As we put the finishing touches on preparations for our first-ever NCA Town Hall, I’ve heard from a few member companies wondering about this new format and what they can expect from the event.

The answer is simple: we want this event to be about you.

We’ve Got a New Look

As we embark on a new era for NCA and our industry with our “Thrive in 2025” strategic plan, I’m beginning to think our focused approach to advocacy and communications couldn’t be more aptly named as we kick off the next five years with a total refresh of NCA’s visual identity. I am proud of the result, and I believe it reflects the fun and unique nature of chocolate and candy and the joy and sweetness consumers associate with our member companies’ brands.

Black Lives Matter & Our Role as Business Leaders

As business leaders, we have an opportunity to use our influence to create a stronger economy, uplift our communities and contribute to a better planet. Over the past week, we have all seen the gut-wrenching and soul-crushing videos and protests advocating for racial equality that have swept the country.