What’s The Deal With Halloween This Year?

Over the past few weeks, you may have seen some debate in the policy arena and with public health departments over the status of this year’s Halloween season — will Americans be allowed to celebrate or is Halloween canceled?

Except, it’s not really much of a debate about “if” Halloween is going to happen as much as it is a conversation about “how” people will celebrate the season safely.

66% Admit To Stealing From Their Halloween Candy Stash

Do you open the bag of mini Halloween treats as soon as you get it home from the store? About two-thirds (66%) of people admit to enjoying a few pieces of Halloween chocolate and candy before handing the treats out to trick-or-treaters or using them for other Halloween activities, according to a recent poll conducted by Morning Consult on behalf of the National Confectioners Association.

Public Health Experts Agree: Halloween Is Happening

Public health experts, community leaders, mayors and governors from across the country have joined a growing wave of approval and support for a safe and creative Halloween 2020 that includes Martha Stewart, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Whoopi Goldberg. Newspaper editorial boards, government officials, media personalities, parents, and public figures say that we can prioritize safety and still enjoy this fall with all types of Halloween celebrations.

Top 5 Ideas for a Safe (and Sweet!) Halloween

If you are among the 96% of parents who plan to celebrate Halloween this year or the two-thirds of Americans who plan on trick-or-treating with appropriate safety measures, you’ll want to check out this list of the top five ways to celebrate Halloween 2020 with chocolate and candy. Just don’t forget to wear a mask, practice good hand hygiene and follow the guidance issued for your community by the CDC and your local public health departments.

40% of People Use Mints to Manage Mask Breath

Masking up this Halloween? 40% of Americans report they use mints to freshen their breath under their COVID-19 masks, according to a new survey from the National Confectioners Association. 38% reported that they enjoy gum under their masks, while 22% reported they prefer hard candy.

NYT: Indiana University Professor of Pediatrics Says “Let Kids Have Halloween”

“…if I had to design an activity for children that might be safe during a pandemic, I’m not sure that I could do a better job than trick-or-treating. It’s outside. It can be socially distanced. The food is individually wrapped (before anyone partakes, parents can wipe the candies down while kids wash their hands). It’s the one night a year when kids will not argue at all about wearing masks.”

Who Enjoys Candy Corn the Most?

New data from the National Confectioners Association reveals that Gen X is the most likely to enjoy eating candy corn, with 58% reporting that they enjoy the iconic Halloween treat. Boomers trail shortly behind with 56% enjoying candy corn, according to the survey which was conducted by Morning Consult on behalf of NCA.