Safe and Sensational Seasonal Celebrations

In a recent survey, 85% of Americans said they believe people will find safe and creative ways to celebrate the winter holidays in 2020. If your traditional holiday plans will be different this year, there are still plenty of ways to make your seasonal celebrations a real treat for the whole family. As always, keep in mind guidance from the CDC and your local public health authorities.

NYT: Indiana University Professor of Pediatrics Says “Let Kids Have Halloween”

“…if I had to design an activity for children that might be safe during a pandemic, I’m not sure that I could do a better job than trick-or-treating. It’s outside. It can be socially distanced. The food is individually wrapped (before anyone partakes, parents can wipe the candies down while kids wash their hands). It’s the one night a year when kids will not argue at all about wearing masks.”

2021 Confectionery Leadership Awards Open for Nominations

The National Confectioners Association and Candy & Snack TODAY are now accepting nominations for the 2021 Confectionery Leadership Awards, which honor two top retail or wholesale buyers, category managers and executives. Recipients of this award exemplify best-in-class thought leadership, category management, effective business collaboration and commitment to the promotion of the confectionery industry.

Five Questions with John Downs: Halloween 2020

There are a few cultural moments of widespread celebration ahead of us as we look at the remainder of 2020, including Halloween. Given the central role that chocolate and candy play in the month of October, who better than NCA President & CEO John Downs to address the questions about Halloween that are top of mind for many people? We all know that this year will look a little different, but that doesn’t mean we have to sit out on the fun of the Halloween season.

Halloween Scream Queen Jamie Lee Curtis: Halloween is Happening

Jamie Lee Curtis, celebrated as one of the original scream queens of Hollywood since the release of the 1978 film “Halloween,” joins NCA and the candy industry in acknowledging that while the holiday will be different this year, there is no reason to cancel all the fun and celebrations associated with Halloween.

“What’s important is that children are resilient,” Curtis told The New York Times. “Putting on a costume, whether or not you’re running around on the streets or in your own home, I think the idea of putting on the costume is the fun part.”

It’s Not Enough to Say You’re Hurrying Help to Small Businesses

Small businesses are part of the nation’s critical infrastructure, and at times like these, it’s the multigenerational businesses in our communities, like restaurants, ice cream shops, theaters, independent clothing stores and others like those in the chocolate and candy industry, that put it all on the line.