NCA Announces Winners of 2024 Golden and Silver Candy Dish Awards

The National Confectioners Association announced today the winners of the Golden and Silver Candy Dish Awards. Mary Beth Lane, Partner & SVP, Alternative Vending at CA Carlin, is the 2024 Golden Candy Dish Award recipient, and Tony Jacobs, president and CEO at Bazooka Candy Brands, is the 2024 Silver Candy Dish Award recipient.

NCA Announces 2024 Woman of Influence

The National Confectioners Association announced today that Sylvia Buxton, President & CEO of Perfetti Van Melle North America, is the 2024 Woman of Influence Award recipient. Created by NCA’s Women’s Leadership Group, the award honors a woman who has demonstrated superior leadership and industry mentorship, with a proven record of growth and influence in the confectionery industry.

Confectionery Confessions: 92% of Americans Want Treats for Valentine’s Day

92% of Americans are embracing the sweet spirit of the Valentine’s Day season, saying they plan to share chocolate and candy with friends, family, and loved ones throughout the first half of February. The appeal of these treats remains strong as a symbol of affection, and the widespread enthusiasm for chocolate and candy underscores their role as a social currency that allows consumers to foster connections and create memorable moments.

NCA Announces 2024 Future Leadership Program Class

The National Confectioners Association announced today that eight confectionery industry professionals have been selected for the 2024 Future Leadership Program. The program is dedicated to helping young professionals across the confectionery industry access networking and professional development opportunities to gain career experience. 

Is There A Right Way To Eat A Candy Cane?

There’s no clearer sign that the winter holidays are here than the emergence of candy canes on store shelves – but what is the “right” way to eat them? In a new consumer survey, the National Confectioners Association found that 55% of people start with the straight end, 28% go for the curved end first and 17% of consumers choose to break it into pieces. It makes sense that this debate heats up as the weather cools down: 93% of Americans say they plan to share chocolate and candy with friends and family for the winter holiday season.

NCA Statement on White House Winter Holidays Decor Collaboration 

In response to the announcement and unveiling of The White House 2023 holiday theme and decor by First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, the National Confectioners Association released the following statement from Christopher Gindlesperger, NCA’s Senior Vice President of Public Affairs & Communications. NCA is a key collaborator with The White House, helping bring the “Magic, Wonder and Joy” of the winter holidays to life throughout the executive residence.