The Story of Halloween 2020

The story of Halloween 2020 is shaping up to be one for the record books. From PVC pipe candy slides going viral on social media to major, thought-leading media outlets and prominent elected officials declaring that Halloween is happening, creative and safe approaches are driving the national narrative in a way that showcases consumer optimism for a fun and unique Halloween season.

NCA & Former CDC Official Respond to CDC Halloween Safety Guidance

Statement from John Downs, NCA President & CEO: “The CDC’s guidance reinforces that Halloween is happening and provides inspiration for creative and safe approaches to celebrating the holiday throughout the month of October. There’s no question that Halloween will look different this year, and innovative approaches endorsed by CDC like outdoor trick-or-treating can bring a little fun to the fall.”

New Sales Data Shows Halloween Candy Sales Are Up in 2020

New data from the National Confectioners Association shows that Halloween chocolate and candy sales are up this year. For the latest four weeks ending September 6 versus the same period in 2019, total Halloween chocolate & candy sales are up 13% – growth that is driven by Halloween chocolate, which is up 25.3%.

Candy Industry Reaction to LA County Walking Back Ban on Halloween

“There will be regional differences across the country in the way that people choose to celebrate the Halloween season throughout the month of October. Whether this means trick-or-treating, more candy bowl moments at home with family and close friends, or just more time celebrating the season throughout the month of October, one thing is for sure – Halloween is happening. We are pleased that the LA County Health Department reassessed its earlier decision that truly lacked any sort of creativity when it comes to trick-or-treating and Halloween safety.”

Excited for Halloween? Stream New Episodes of The Sweet Life

Award-Winning Streaming Series Goes Behind the Scenes of Consumers’ Favorite Chocolate and Candy Factories WASHINGTON – Closing out season one of its award-winning streaming video series, The Sweet Life, the National Confectioners Association today announced that three new episodes of…

NEW DATA: Consumers Find Joy in Chocolate and Candy During COVID-19

New data from the National Confectioners Association shows sales of chocolate and candy have increased during the pandemic as people across the country look for ways to add a little bit of joy to what has been a very serious and uncertain time. Consumers appreciate and value chocolate and candy during these uncertain times because of their uncanny ability to boost moods and lighten perspectives, according to new data from NCA.

NCA Future Leadership Program Applications Open for 2021 Class

The National Confectioners Association’s Young Professionals Network has opened the application for the 2021 class of its Future Leadership Program, which provides professional development resources, including mentorship opportunities and complimentary registration to NCA’s signature events, to young professionals aspiring to leadership roles in the confectionery industry.

Alyssa Clevenger Joins NCA’s Public Policy Team

The National Confectioners Association announced today that Alyssa Clevenger has joined NCA’s Public Policy & Government Affairs team as senior manager of political affairs. In this capacity, she will support NCA’s political efforts and manage NCA’s CandyPAC, the confectionery industry’s political action committee and one of the top five largest food & beverage PACs.