Candy Makers Providing Americans with More Information, Options and Support this Easter

Candy Makers Providing Americans with More Information, Options and Support this Easter

WASHINGTON – Easter falls on April 1 this year, but Americans are not fooling around when it comes to making sure that chocolate and candy play a special role in their celebrations. More than 90 percent of Easter baskets this year will include chocolate or candy, according to a nationwide survey by the National Confectioners Association. The chocolate and candy companies behind some of America’s favorite Easter treats have pledged a five-year commitment with the Partnership for a Healthier America, known as the Always A Treat Initiative, and will be doing their part to support consumers as they manage their sugar intake this season.

“People tell us all the time that chocolate and candy help make celebrations like Easter even more enjoyable for them and their families,” said John Downs, president & CEO of the National Confectioners Association. “This Easter, we will continue our work to help consumers manage their sugar intake and ensure that they feel empowered to make informed choices. Confectioners big and small have been extraordinarily innovative when it comes to developing the flavors, varieties and pack sizes that consumers want at Easter and year round.”

Downs added that most people in the U.S. enjoy candy 2-3 times per week, averaging about 40 calories and about one teaspoon of added sugar per day.

Some of this year’s additional survey findings:

  • Parents have a plan when it comes to Easter treats
    90 percent of parents will discuss the importance of balance as it relates to the fun and enjoyment of chocolate and candy around Easter. With 2/3 of American parents planning to make Easter baskets this year, 85 percent say that individual packs and fun size packages will influence the type of Easter treats they purchase.
  • Easter is one of the most popular times of the year to share chocolate and candy
    Ninety percent of Americans plan to share chocolate or candy with friends and family at Easter.
  • Americans prefer seasonal classics
    When it comes to Easter treats, 55 percent of Americans say chocolate eggs and bunnies are their favorite, while jelly beans and candy-coated eggs are nearly tied for second.

America’s leading chocolate and candy companies participating in the Always A Treat Initiative have pledged to provide consumers with more information, options and support as they enjoy their favorite treats. By 2022, half of their individually wrapped products will be available in sizes that contain 200 calories or less per pack, and 90 percent of their best-selling treats will have calorie information printed right on the front of the pack. The companies participating include Ferrara Candy Company, Ferrero, Ghirardelli, Lindt, Mars Wrigley Confectionery, Nestlé USA and Russell Stover.

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Survey Methodology

NCA’s Seasonal Survey was conducted in January 2018 by 210 Analytics, LLC using a self-administered, online questionnaire. The sample of 1,500 individuals mirrors the U.S. population in terms of key demographics, including age, income, ethnicity and region. The margin of error is +2.5%.

About the National Confectioners Association (NCA):
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