Chocolate and Candy Are Always A Treat

Chocolate and Candy Are Always A Treat

In 2017, Mars Wrigley, Ferrero, Ferrara Candy Company, Lindt, Ghirardelli Chocolate, and Russell Stover Chocolates joined forces in a landmark agreement to help consumers manage their sugar intake. In a commitment to Partnership for a Healthier America, these companies set an ambitious goal to provide more transparency, create more portion guidance options in innovative packaging, and educate consumers about how unique products like chocolate and candy can play a role in a happy, balanced lifestyle.

Now, in 2022, we are thrilled to share what we were able to achieve together, as outlined in a new report from Partnership for a Healthier America.

Here are the highlights:

In the 2016 benchmark year, 38.3% of chocolate and candy products were available in portion guidance packs of 200 calories or less – now half of the individually wrapped products made by the participating companies are available in sizes that contain 200 calories or less per pack.

In the 2016 benchmark year, 53.7% of products had front-of-pack calorie labels – now that number is 94.8%.This number is even higher at retail checkout: 98% of chocolate and candy packaging found at the front of the store have calorie labels printed on the front of the pack.

Calorie Labels

Front of Pack Calorie Labels

200 Calories Or Less
Per Individually-Wrapped Pack

200 Calories Or Less Per Individually-Wrapped Pack

This voluntary industry leadership commitment has empowered consumers to make informed choices and has driven directional alignment within the broader confectionery industry.

And where do we go from here? America’s chocolate and candy companies are providing more transparency, choice and portion guidance options for consumers seeking to manage their sugar intake – whether that’s buying candy for family celebrations at home, picking up a treat to share with friends, or enjoying a treat on the way out of the store. From beloved classics to new offerings like low and zero sugar and organic, the confectionery industry is meeting consumers where they want to be met. People understand that chocolate and candy are treats, and they embrace them as a special social currency.

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Revised 12/5/22