Holiday Treats Help Bring Connection to the Winter Holidays

Holiday Treats Help Bring Connection to the Winter Holidays

With the new year fast approaching, the winter holidays are a time of both nostalgia and looking towards the future – and the confectionery industry is honored that chocolate and candy play such a key role in the celebrations for so many Americans. Whether attending a party with friends, filling a stocking for a family member or even just taking a moment to enjoy a treat on your own, holiday treats are a memorable addition to these many moments of celebration and connection.

There’s no question that these times are challenging for consumers across the country. Every American is impacted by record-high inflation, increasing costs of goods and continued fallout as the country navigates an ongoing pandemic. With all of this in mind, it’s no surprise that Americans are looking for little moments of joy – and since chocolate and candy are small and affordable luxuries, they have a place in every type of celebration.

This year, the winter holidays are even sweeter because America’s chocolate and candy companies delivered on their commitment to helping consumers manage their sugar intake by providing more transparency, choice and portion guidance options when it comes to our favorite treats – which means that chocolate and candy are a great gift to encourage sharing with friends and family during the holiday season.

Chocolate and candy have the unique ability to lift spirits throughout the year but add special magic to the holiday season. These holiday treats can evoke special memories – crafting a gingerbread house, playing a game of dreidel or decorating a Christmas tree – and let others know that someone is thinking of them. These gifts become an invaluable part of the holiday season, often turning into the stories and traditions that are passed down year after year and throughout the generations.

After all, these treats represent what the holiday season is truly about: connection. Connection to tradition and celebration, connection to a nostalgic past and innovative future – and most importantly, connection to each other. The confectionery industry is proud to represent the joy felt by so many during moments of celebration, and I hope that you and your loved ones have a wonderful holiday season.