The Confectionery Industry Is Rising to the Challenge of COVID-19

The Confectionery Industry Is Rising to the Challenge of COVID-19

It is incredible to think how much has changed in our industry over the past few months thanks to the coronavirus. As millions of Americans across the country isolated to slow the spread of the disease, they adapted their shopping habits to match their new lifestyle, prioritizing center store products and flocking to e-commerce and click and collect solutions. The confectionery industry has felt the impact of this shift, and I’m proud of our industry’s ability to work together to adapt to what may be our “new normal.”

But this shift in consumer behavior has not stopped our industry from going above and beyond in service to our consumers and our fellow Americans. Thousands of members of our industry have reported to work in person every day, and whether they work in retail, as food distributors or in a confectionery manufacturing facility, these essential workers have been responsible for bringing millions of little moments of joy to confectionery consumers across the country. Our member companies have also played a special part in response to the coronavirus, donating millions of dollars and man-hours to create protective equipment, recognize front-line health care workers and bring relief to those who have contracted this very serious disease. Across the board, the confectionery industry’s contributions have been extraordinary, and I would be remiss not to recognize all of our industry’s hard work during these trying circumstances.

These types of contributions make me proud to be a part of the confectionery industry, and the millions of dollars, man-hours and pieces of candy contributed to these worthy causes demonstrate how committed the confectionery industry is to rebuilding our communities and being a part of the nationwide efforts to combat this dangerous disease.

Candy & Snack TODAY is continuing to report on these great works in its ongoing coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the confectionery industry, and I hope to see these activities by our industry continue in the weeks and months ahead.

John Downs is the president and CEO of the National Confectioners Association, a trade group in Washington, D.C., representing the nation’s candy makers.