Top 5 Ideas for a Safe (and Sweet!) Halloween

Top 5 Ideas for a Safe (and Sweet!) Halloween

If you are among the 96% of parents who plan to celebrate Halloween this year or the two-thirds of Americans who plan on trick-or-treating with appropriate safety measures, you’ll want to check out this list of the top five ways to celebrate Halloween 2020 with chocolate and candy. Just don’t forget to wear a mask, practice good hand hygiene and follow the guidance issued for your community by the CDC and your local public health departments.

Inspiration for Celebrating Halloween Creatively with Chocolate and Candy

This year’s Halloween season won’t be business as usual, but the experts agree: if Americans follow safety guidance from the CDC and local authorities, families can enjoy a fun, creative and safe Halloween. Get inspired by a few creative Halloween celebrations we love:

1. Devise a Creative Way to Distribute Chocolate and Candy on Halloween Night

Candy chute? Chocolate launcher? A robot or drone delivery vehicle? How about a sweet zipline?

80% of people say they will find creative and safe ways to celebrate Halloween this year, and enjoying chocolate and candy this October is certainly one of them. We’ve seen a lot of creativity surface over the past few weeks, as people come up with ways to inject a little fun into the fall and distribute chocolate and candy to trick-or-treaters. YouTuber CoolHandLuke shared his creative idea with us below.

2. Socially Distanced but not Socially Awkward Trick-Or-Treating

We’ve witnessed regional differences in the ways that people are celebrating the Halloween season throughout the month of October. In some places, this means trick-or-treating with guidelines from the CDC and local authorities in mind. Don’t forget to wear a mask, maintain social distance and practice good hand hygiene!

Steps to take when Trick-or-Treating
Trick-or-Treating in 2020

3. Do a Spooky Gift Drop

Spooky Gift Drop

Fill a bag with your favorite chocolate and candy treats and drop it on the front step of a friend or neighbor. See how from our friends at Certified Celebrator.

4. Create a Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Try a Halloween-themed scavenger hunt in the backyard with some chocolate treats as part of your celebration of the Halloween season. Best Friends for Frosting will show you how.

5. Organize a Halloween Parade

Hold a costume parade through the neighborhood and keep some candy stashed at home to enjoy after the parade. Remember to stay at least six feet apart!

Visit Halloween Central for More

The fun doesn’t have to stop here! Take the guesswork out of Halloween by viewing the tips, tricks and resources on Halloween Central, including more fun ideas for creative and safe Halloween celebrations.

And – of course – happy Halloween!