We’re Taking the Guesswork Out of Halloween 2020

We’re Taking the Guesswork Out of Halloween 2020

It’s October, which means we’re in the middle of the confectionery industry’s Super Bowl: the Halloween season. As we’ve gotten closer to the big day, we’ve unveiled resources on Halloween Central to prepare consumers, our member companies, retail partners and community stakeholders to celebrate the Halloween season in safe and creative ways.

I’ve loved hearing from you about how you’ve put these resources into action, and it’s been very interesting to hear what experts and community leaders are saying about this year’s Halloween season. I hope you continue to share these resources with your family, friends, colleagues and others in your respective communities, along with our unified message that “Halloween Is Happening!”

But I have one more big thing to share with you… For the first time, NCA has collaborated with the New York Times to get the word out about celebrating Halloween safely and creatively this fall. Take a look at this 30-second video that really brings our message to life:

As we continue in our collective efforts to inspire families across the country, we hope that you’ll share this video and the NCA x NYT collaboration with your networks. With a little creativity and a dash of magic, families everywhere can enjoy their favorite fall traditions in a way that is socially distanced without being socially awkward.

Happy Halloween!