What Would the Holiday Season Be Without Chocolate and Candy?

What Would the Holiday Season Be Without Chocolate and Candy?

WASHINGTON – For centuries, classic confectionery treats – like candy canes, Hanukkah gelt and peppermint bark – have brought holiday cheer to American families as they celebrate the winter holidays.

Gifting chocolate and candy and sharing these treats with loved ones makes the season even more special, and even with all of the joy brought about by gifting and sharing their favorites, consumers understand that chocolate and candy are treats. Most Americans enjoy chocolate and candy approximately two to three times per week, averaging 40 calories per day and just one teaspoon of added sugar per day, including at special moments throughout the year like the winter holidays.

Americans’ favorite winter holiday treats don’t appear on shelves across the world based on holiday spirit alone. While shoppers clamor for their favorite #HolidayTreats this year, thousands of American workers will be hard at work creating these sweet holiday memory-makers.

“A holiday season without seasonal chocolate and candy just wouldn’t be the same,” John Downs, President & CEO of the National Confectioners Association, said. “And I’m proud that our industry plays such a big part in the creative ways that families across the country celebrate special moments and create heartwarming memories during the winter holidays.”

The $38 billion confectionery industry supports nearly 700,000 good-paying American jobs, which range from the confectionery manufacturers who make these iconic holiday treats to the shipping, agricultural and retail workers who ensure they’re accessible and affordable for American families. In fact, one U.S. confectionery manufacturing job supports 11 other jobs in the U.S. economy.

Visit NCA’s Winter Holidays Central at AlwaysATreat.com/WinterHolidays for more information on how candy creates magical holiday moments during the winter holidays and fun ideas for how to celebrate the winter holiday season in safe and creative ways. For an overview of the confectionery industry’s impact on the American economy, visit PowerOfSweet.com.


About the National Confectioners Association (NCA):
The National Confectioners Association is the leading trade organization for the U.S. confectionery industry, which generates $37.5 billion in retail sales each year. NCA advocates for an environment that enables candy makers to thrive and works to ensure that chocolate, candy, gum and mints are celebrated for their contributions to culture, society, the economy and everyday moments of joy. The industry employs nearly 58,000 workers in more than 1,600 manufacturing facilities across all 50 states and supports an additional 635,000 jobs in related fields. The U.S. confectionery industry has made a commitment to increasing transparency, providing more portion guidance options and educating consumers about the role of confectionery in a happy, balanced lifestyle. Learn more at CandyUSA.com or follow NCA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.