Chocolate and Candy to Play Central Role in Valentine’s Day 2021

Valentine’s Day chocolate and candy can provide a fun way to connect with loved ones and promote little moments of joy during this unusual and uncertain time, according to a report from the National Confectioners Association. An overwhelming 86% of Americans report that they’ll share a gift of chocolate and candy this Valentine’s Day.

Sweet Insights: Unwrapped – 2020 Series

Sweet Insights: Unwrapped – A Digital Learning Series These webinars are free for 2019 & 2020 Expo registrants, NCA members, and our retail partners. $300 per session for non-members Past Webinar Recordings Dec 3, 1 p.m. ET 2020 Halloween Review Larry Wilson, Vice…

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the first of the “Big Four” seasons each year and a $3.5 billion holiday for chocolate, non-chocolate, gum and mints. Consumer engagement is high, with 86% purchasing confectionery one or more times during the Valentine’s Day holiday thanks to many consumption occasions surrounding the Valentine’s Day holiday. NCA members can access Valentine’s Day performance review webinars and presentations from the past three years, as well as NCA consumer insights studies, IRI data and ready-to-use infographics.

Seasonal Insights

The U.S. loves its candy seasons. An estimated nine in 10 consumers celebrate the “Big Four” seasons of Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween and the winter holidays by sharing and gifting confectionery some years or every year, making confectionery a seasonal…

Candy Moments

Candy Moments Candy is one of life’s little pleasures and it can even help to promote a sense of well-being. But it is best enjoyed in moderation and as part of a happy, balanced lifestyle. We should all treat ourselves…