Calling Your Elected Officials

Talking with your elected official or their staff liaison on the phone is nearly as good as talking to them in person. Here are some tips to give your call more impact:

  • Build a relationship with staff. Ask to speak to the aide who handles the issue on which you wish to comment. They will be making the final recommendation to the elected official on how to vote.
  • Get straight to the point of your call. When you reach the staff liaison, introduce yourself and explain why you are calling. Be as clear and specific with your request as possible (e.g., “Please tell Senator Smith that I oppose Senate Bill 587.”) You will want to state your reasons for your support or opposition in a few clear sentences. Prepare what you want to say ahead of time.
  • Follow up your conversation with an email. The email should begin, “I enjoyed talking with you Monday” or something similar to give the recipient a record of your previous contact and some context in which to place you.
  • Always remember to be polite and understand that like any business, staff changes occur along with knowledge of the issues that mean the most to you and your business.

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