NCA Grassroots Advocacy

Grassroots engagement is a key part of our advocacy toolkit and it helps you build strong relationships with government officials who can become champions for your business and the confectionery industry. Elected representatives want to hear from their constituents, and there is no one better to help them understand issues that impact your business better than you and your employees.

There are many ways to engage with government officials and your elected representatives, and we’ve listed a few of them below.

Tell Your Story

Sharing the distinct story of your company’s development and management is also an instrumental part of communicating with your representatives.

Share Your Products

Sending products to your representative’s office is another great way to connect with your representative, strengthen your relationship and familiarize them with your contributions to their district’s economy. The office will often display your product, providing for added recognition as a local business for constituents who visit the office.

Give a Tour

Inviting your representative to tour your facility is a great way to educate them on your business, showcase your impact on the local economy and establish a personal connection with their office. Representatives are often eager to visit facilities and to get a firsthand look at the businesses in their districts, as it allows them to meet and speak directly with their constituents, an integral component of their job in Washington.