Ruby Award for Supplier Innovation: Nominations

The NCA Ruby Award for Supplier Innovation is given annually to recognize a break-through innovation from the NCA supplier member community that advances the confectionery industry. The award allows for the nomination (and self-nomination) of member companies that have presented an innovation that significantly improves the ability of confectioners to manufacture, distribute, market and/or sell chocolate and candy. A panel of NCA manufacturing member companies reviews the applications and selects the award recipient each year. Products and services that were developed for the exclusive use of a single company are not eligible for the Ruby Award. Examples of innovation may include but are not limited to:

  • Ingredients – flavors, inclusions and other ingredients that deliver a new or exciting taste or sensory experience for consumers, alter the nutritional profile of a product, or otherwise improve product quality
  • Equipment – technologies that improve efficiency or effectiveness in confectionery manufacturing or supply chain
  • Supplies – materials or packaging that support retail merchandising and display objectives or that contribute to environmental sustainability
  • Services – services that enhance collaboration between trading partners, facilitate efficiency of supply chain, or improve retailers’ and manufacturers’ ability to market and sell confectionery products
  • Due to circumstances surrounding the global pandemic, we will accept nominations for a product, service or other innovation introduced in either 2019 OR 2020. Please use this form to submit your nomination. If you have any questions, please contact Kyle Jordan.

    Submission Deadline: April 23, 2021

  • Submission Form – Ruby Award for Supplier Innovation

  • Please note that the innovation must have been introduced in 2020.
  • Please describe the service, product, technology, etc. in detail and explain the innovative qualities.
    2000 character (~300 words) maximum
  • Describe the origins of the innovation (e.g., was it created to address a particular need?) and its potential impact on the confectionery industry.
    2000 character (~300 words) maximum
  • Please comment on how well the product works and if there are there any demonstrated results.
    2000 character (~300 words) maximum
  • Please comment on the innovation's value. That is, what is the relationship between its cost, accessibility and its potential benefit/impact?
    2000 character (~300 words) maximum
  • Please comment on the extent to which bringing the innovation to market relied on collaboration between your company and your customers or the confectionery manufacturing community.
    2000 character (~300 words) maximum
  • Please comment on the ability of this product to enjoy both long-term commercial success and its ability to positively impact the environment/people.
    2000 character (~300 words) maximum
  • If you have documents that support your nomination, including sell sheets and news stories, please email to them to Kyle Jordan at [email protected]. Be sure to reference the Ruby Award for Supplier Innovation and the name of the of the product you are nominating.