Savor Chocolate


To bite the corner off a glossy chocolate bar, then feel it melt and swirl slowly on the tongue, can be divine. With its 1,500 flavor compounds, chocolate provides plenty to contemplate. It can seem fruity or spicy, earthy or sweet, or like lavender or lemons or liqueur—the list goes on and on. Chocolate’s smooth texture helps make it wonderful. While the unmistakable chocolate taste gets all the glory, cocoa butter provides chocolate’s creamy goodness because it melts just below body temperature. Most chocolatiers add extra amounts when they make their chocolates. Enjoying chocolate is all about discovering what  you like best. Taste many kinds—dark, milk and white—to appreciate the subtle flavors. Learn about labels so that you can choose the chocolates that match your preferences. And join countless cocoa farmers and others throughout history and throughout the world who have used chocolate in rituals to celebrate, to heal—and to savor.

Get a taste of this section:

  • Indulging: What are some tips for tasting chocolate? What are the best recipes?
  • Understanding the Label: What do the certifications mean? And how does cacao percentage affect the taste?
  • Chocolate’s Allure: Why is chocolate so irresistible?