Hershey Debuts Reese’s Caramel Big Cup Ad During Super Bowl; Reveals Insights On Game Day Snacking


Hershey, PA — The Hershey Co.’s Reese’s brand will debut a new 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl that plays on the extreme passion fans have for both rooting for their favorite teams and their passion for Reese’s Cups. 

“Reese’s has a fervent fan base who are as emotionally invested in our iconic pairing of peanut butter and chocolate, much like the fan bases of the two teams in the Big Game,” says Ryan Riess, vice-president creative & brand strategy. “We’re excited for the biggest candy brand to return to the biggest stage after four years.”

The last and only time the brand aired an ad during the big game was in 2020 to announce Reese’s Take 5 bar.

In addition to the new commercial, the company’s Consumer Insights team recently polled consumers about their plans for football’s favorite Sunday and found that consumers are, ready for some football (and snacks). Nearly half of those surveyed (48 percent) said they have plans for the game. And they’ve got a mix of ideas about why they watch, what they’ll be eating, when they’ll go shopping and even how they’ll score good deals.

The research found that everyone has their own reason for tuning in to the football event of the year. The game itself is considered the main event for just over half of viewers (51 percent); and men (63 percent) are more likely than women (38 percent) to say the game is the best part. The next biggest draw? The commercials, which appeal to 27 percent of respondents. Just over one-fifth of people surveyed (22 percent) said they tune in to see the halftime show.

Half of all respondents noted that their shopping will begin at least one week before the game, while nearly one-third (30 percent) said they plan to hit stores in the week leading up to game day. About 15 percent will wait until the day before, while 5 percent will rush to the store for last-minute purchases the day of the game.

Aside from shopping in store, more consumers are preparing by ordering what they need online, whether to pick-up in store or get it delivered.

Price will be top-of-mind for many consumers as they shop. According to Hershey research, 60 percent of those polled said inflation will impact their purchasing decisions for the big game. To cut costs, shoppers are thinking creatively and making plans to buy in bulk (30 percent), seek out coupons and promotions (29 percent), purchase less overall (26 percent), opt for lower-priced brands (25 percent) and buy smaller sizes (24 percent).