Research Finds Consumers Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Chocolate, Candy


Washington — In a clear sign of continued enthusiasm for seasonal celebrations, 92 percent of Americans plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day with chocolate and candy, according to a recent report from NCA. The Valentine’s Day season represents about $4 billion in confectionery sales each year based on Information Resources, Inc. (IRI) scan data. NCA is projecting 5 perfect growth in sales for the 2023 Valentine’s Day season. 

“The confectionery industry has always kept innovation top of mind, and that’s evident in the wide variety of options available on the shelves of retail stores, in checkout aisles and in online shopping carts,” says John Downs, NCA president and CEO. “Whether gifting chocolate and candy or treating themselves, consumers can celebrate the season with treats that reflect an endless number of unique preferences that helps them show someone they care this Valentine’s Day.”   

When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifting, 93 percent of people say they would like a gift of chocolate and candy to celebrate, NCA notes.

To support the season, NCA has developed resources that are available at The association notes that consumers can find inspiration for their Valentine’s Day celebrations, learn more about how they can enjoy the season with balance in mind and, of course, find some fun facts about the holiday.